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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Woodleigh sell bullets to the public?

We encourage Australian gunshops to stock our bullets so please support those who do.

If your local gunshop does not stock our bullets and will not order them in for you we will sell direct. Please visit our 'Stockists' section for many of our distributors in Australia & worldwide.

What impact velocity should I use?
Woodleigh now have recommended impact velocities for all our soft nose bullets. They are in our Bullet Specifications List and printed on our new bullet boxes. We recommend a range of impact velocities for each bullet which will give reliable expansion and optimum retained weight. For more information see our Recommended Impact Velocity page.

What is the difference between the 308 Cal 180gr PP & 300 Win Mag 180gr PP?
The #65B 308 Cal .308" 180gr PP SN and the #65D 300 Win Mag .308" 180gr PP SN are made from the same jacket. The difference is the ogive (or nose profile). The #65B 308 Cal is longer in ogive to suit 308 Win and 30/06. The #65D 300 Win Mag has a shorter ogive for 300 Win Mag and all 30 Magnums including 308 Norma. The #65D 300 Win Mag also has a smaller tip, is slower expanding and has a higher ballistic coefficient.
General Information & Terminology

Point of Impact - mostly determined by barrel vibration and harmonies.

Overall length of cartridges - set to feed reliably from your magazine and clear the rifling by about .030" (.75mm).

Ballistic Coefficient - our BC's are calculated from charts supplied by E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co and are a guide only.

Cannelure - our cannelure positions are measured from the tip of the bullet to the cannelure edge.