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UPDATED - Check out Woodleigh Bullets History under INFO & REFERENCE

Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets

Hydrostatic BulletsNOW AVAILABLE!

Woodleigh Bullets have released our new range of solid brass bullets with a new design that resists deflection and achieves deep straight line penetration. The hydrostatically stabilised bullets also have driving bands to reduce pressure within the barrel. For more details and information, visit our Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets page.


VLD Brass Solids

Brass Solid VLDsWoodleigh have released our range of VLD brass solids. Details of currently available calibres and weights, along with bullet diameters, product codes and more is available in our 'VLD Brass Solids Bullet List'. More information on our range of VLD brass solids will be online shortly...

Bullet Lists

Woodleigh Bullets ListOur extensive Bullet Lists display the entire range of Woodleigh bullets, including hydrostatic and VLD brass solids. The lists contain calibres, dimensions and specifications, product codes, recommended impact velocities and even how many you get in a pack!


2014 Woodleigh BrochureOur 'Downloads' section contains our new full colour catalogue which provides info on our range of bullets as well as listings and specifications, as well as other downloadable files which contain useful information.

Info & Reference

Bullet RecoveriesTo get the best results, visit our 'Info & Reference' section for hints, tips and information regarding Dangerous Game, Loading Tips and Impact Velocities, as well as Frequently Asked Questions and Link to other useful sites.