#80 6.5MM .264" 140GR PP SN

All round 6.5mm expanding PP bullet suitable for small and medium game, which would normally be hunted with the 6.5 calibre. This design is ideal for the .260 Remington, 6.5 x 55 Swedish and other 6.5 cartridges. The bullets are relatively long for weight, being of a PP bonded style with the lead flush with the tip of the jacket. This eliminates tip damage from recoil or rough handling. Expands adequately for a good wound channel on light game and delivers deep penetration.

This bullet is good for small boar, deer up to fallow. It is on the tough side for small thin skinned game, but will still expand and give good exit wounds.

Woodleigh #80 6.5mm .264" 140gr PP SN recovery from pig, 2590 fps, 80 yards, R.T. 95.7%