New Products

NEW FOR 2013
#80B 6.5mm .264" 160gr Weldcore Round Nose Soft Nose
NEW FOR 2012

303/7.62mm x 39mm .312" 130gr PP SN


Developed for 7.62 x 39mm and 303 British for small to medium game.


375 MAG .375" 300gr RN SN and 350gr RN SN - HEAVY DUTY


Due to popular demand we have introduced a heavier jacket for tougher animals like buffalo. The bullet will be distringuished form the standard 300gr  and 350gr by a stained jacket. Our regular 375 MAG 300gr RN SN and 350gr RN SN remain popular and will continue to be available.


Hydrostatically Stabalised Bullets


7mm 140gr
308 150gr
8mm 170gr
338 185gr
9.3 232gr

Capped Hydrostatically Stablised Bullets for reliable feeding and higher ballistic coefficient.


Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets

Hydrostatic BulletsNOW AVAILABLE!

Woodleigh Bullets have released our new range of solid brass bullets with a new design that resists deflection and achieves deep straight line penetration. The hydrostatically stabilised bullets also have driving bands to reduce pressure within the barrel. For more details and information, visit our Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets page.


VLD Brass Solids

Brass Solid VLDsWoodleigh have released our range of VLD brass solids. Details of currently available calibres and weights, along with bullet diameters, product codes and more is available in our 'VLD Brass Solids Bullet List'. More information on our range of VLD brass solids will be online shortly...