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Weldcore Soft Nose Bullets

Woodleigh Soft Nose BulletsAs a general rule Woodleigh RN and PP bullets generate similar pressures to conventionally constructed soft nose bullets. You can use published data from other bullet and powder manufacturers. For safety, reduce by 5% and work up. Ensure that the case neck has a good grip on the bullet.

Full Metal Jacket Bullets

Woodleigh Full Metal Jacket Bullets

Hippo taken with Woodleigh .458
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Woodleigh steel jacketed FMJ's generate more pressure than our soft nose bullets for any given load.To assist the barrel's lead to engrave the rifling on the bullet, most Woodleigh FMJ's are 0.0005" to 0.001" under nominal diameter. It is important for the case neck to have a good grip on the bullets, especially when loading for dangerous game.

Factors which affect the grip are:-
Bullet diameter and inside neck diameter. Inside neck diameter is a product of case neck wall thickness, die neck diameter and neck plug diameter. As a general rule, start with a charge 5% below that used for soft nose bullets, and work up.

Hydrostatically Stabilised Bullets

Hydrostatic Bullets
These bullets generate similar pressures to our soft nose, so you can use your soft nose loads for the same weight/calibre.

VLD Brass Solids

Brass VLD bulletsLoading tips for our range of VLD brass solids will be online shortly...

If contacting us for loads, please state what powders you have available.